‘Sons of Anarchy John 8:32’ Ep. 9

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ postmortem: Kurt Sutter talks the truths of ‘John 8:32’


Will we be surprised by what Jax does next?

Obviously the betrayal is a deep one, but it’s also a different kind of betrayal for Jax. It’s not like the betrayal of an enemy or a betrayal of a brother. How does he respond to the betrayal of the woman he loves and the mother of his child? I think the way Jax deals with that is really that he doesn’t deal with it, in typical guy fashion. I don’t think he can process it. It’s almost like he has to step away and figure it all out. I think that’s what he ultimately does, which to a certain extent is almost worse for Tara because it just extends that sense of, ‘What the f—’s gonna happen?’ I think ultimately by the end of episode 10, Tara has a plan. That’s what I’ll say.

The tense scene in Unser’s Airstream between Jax and Lowen, when she confirmed his suspicions: She was clearly worried that Jax was going to hurt her. Did you ever toy with that idea?

I don’t think so. I think there’s that weird credo of these guys in terms of what they’ll do, and who’ll they’ll hurt, and what rules extend to whom. But I think he knew that to get the truth from this woman, he’d have to scare the s— out of her. And then once he gets the truth, it’s like he doesn’t want to hear anything else. It’s like, “Don’t try to defend her. Just get the f— away from me.” I think him telling her to get out is protecting her. You know what I mean? It’s like, “Get out now, because what I’m feeling is not a good feeling and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

I loved how Robin Weigert played Lowen’s exit: She didn’t run, which would’ve seemed weak, and yet you could tell just by looking at her that she’d just been scared to death.

She also had those eight-inch heels walking across broken macadam, which also slows her down a little bit. (Laughs) She played it like her knees were weakened by it all, which was really kind of brilliant.

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