“Big Little Lies” Ep. 3, “Living the Dream”


Catch Robin in the upcoming Ep. titled “Living the Dream,” March, 5th, 2017.

From Vanity Fair;

She’s especially transfixing in some excellently written therapy scenes with the great Robin Weigert, whose marriage-counselor character proves a probing foil to Celeste’s deflection. Their scenes are some of the most riveting of the series.

From Vox.com

One of the most riveting scenes you’ll see on TV this season is a rather gentle two-hander between Kidman (as lawyer turned stay-at-home mom Celeste Wright) and longtime character actress hero Robin Weigert as her therapist. On paper, not much happens. The therapist is trying to convince Celeste to do something Celeste doesn’t want to do. But to watch Kidman dance around all of Celeste’s layers of self-defense and denial is to be reminded how much an actor can elevate rote material.