Robin Weigert Reveals Feeling ‘Exposed’ by “Concussion”

Seven Sees

by Gerrad Hall

Robin Weigert may be best known for a role in which she was almost unrecognizable, playing the abrasive, scroungy, nutty and alcoholic Jane Canary, more commonly known as Calamity Jane, on HBO’s “Deadwood.”  Weigert – beautiful, classy, smart, incredibly well-spoken and armed with a warm smile stretching from ear to ear – earned a well-deserved Emmy nomination in 2004 for her performance, a physically transformative and psychologically layered one.


Her latest performance in Concussion – written and directed by Stacie Passon, making her feature directorial debut, and now playing in select cities and on VOD – is capturing the attention of audiences and critics as well.  Weigert plays Abby, a wealthy East Coast housewife who has a jarring revelation that the life she has built with her wife, Kate, and their two children is still leaving her empty.  It isn’t helping matters that Kate pays little attention to Abby and that the intimacy between them is long gone.  Vulnerable from feeling unvalued and unwanted, desperate to find that spark that once energized and motivated her, yearning for spiritual and mental rejuvenation, Abby’s finds a very unconventional solution first in hiring a prostitute, not enjoying the experience, then deciding to turn the tables and become one herself.

Running her new “business” out of a New York City loft she’s renovating, her contractor acting as the middle man with a “pimp” – a female college student cashing in big – Abby works as Eleanor and keeps things as classy, as secretive, and as physically safe as possible.  But things change when one new client, one from her hometown, enters the picture.  Played by Weigert’s “Sons of Anarchy” co-star Maggie Siff, this could be the relationship that unravels Abby’s world.

In her interview with The Seven Sees, Weigert discusses re-teaming with Siff and her speculation over what audiences may think of their scenes in Concussion, whether she actually considers Abby a prostitute, the ending she didn’t see coming, and how exposed she felt watching the movie at Sundance.

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