5 Reasons To Go See The New Erotic Comedy ‘The Sessions’

Hollywood Life

#5) The cast of Deadwood reunites!: Three veterans of the tragically truncated HBO western, including lead John Hawkes, play pivotal roles in this film. The most welcome sight for sore eyes is Robin Weigert, who played Deadwood‘s tirelessly foul-mouthed, spittle soaked, drunken, and gender bending Calamity Jane. Without the chaps and a layer of gold rush mining grime embedded in every pore, Robin is actually a wonderfully fetching woman and makes the most of a brief appearance as a genuine romantic interest to Mark. The couple’s possible relationship isn’t the focus of this film, but Robin’s short cameo gives a reminder how the quality of modern TV drama has made it a farm league for movie stars that have a more relatable dimension than the leagues of more typical model-turned-actors, who grin so beautifully, in lesser movies unlikely to make you smile.

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